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What is the Best Ice Pack to Use After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

  • AesSedai
  • 1 year ago

I have BL and BA scheduled on 10/31 and I'm trying to get prepared for the post op! I bought a bra and have been getting things ready around the house but I'm not sure what type of ice pack I should use. The cold pacs that we use in the PT office I work in seem like they might be too heavy. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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I bough ouch be gone by spa sisters from winner 7.99 each they are a piece of heaven sent down to my breasts lol
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I used 3 long narrow gel sports ice packs. They were nice and bendy and could ice larger areas like across the top of the breast all the way into the armpit where the swelling really hurts. Good luck :) And I wrapped them in a pillow case to keep it off my skin.
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I've been using bags of peas wrapped in small towels. They work good.. Lol(:
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I had 2 bags of peas and 2 bags of corn. Lol
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