The hunt begins. I'm looking for Rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles?

  • Julien323
  • Los Angeles
  • 1 year ago

Ok, here I go.   I had a nose job back, almost 20 years ago and the results were....a 3 out of 10.  I was left with a crooked nose, breathing problems and a not so nice tip. As I write this, I realize I should be giving the results a  (-) 3. Prior to this train wreck experience, I had a large Cuban nose. People use to say that my nose was so big I could shelter the poor on a rainy day.  In any event, I lived with it and when the opportunity presented itself, I had it fixed with the intent   of reducing the size but keeping my spanish heritage.  Well as we know,  that failed and now after living with the poor results, I've decided to give it a second shot.  I have been doing some research and I have come up with a few Doctors names. I am looking for someone who is an artist and great doctor of male latin noses.  Do anyone have any suggestions? Right now I am looking at Grigoryants, Kanodi and even Dr. Cruz in Orange County.  I see all these wonderful pics of feminine, female noses, but hardly any male noses ( My concern with Grigoryants) And I read Kanodi is a wizard but I am fearful of what others are  writing ie, over rated & priced, rude, won't perform at his best if not a celebrity, bla bla bla....  There are some other runner ups on my list (Frankle, Nassif, Ghavami) but if any one has suggestions, please chime in.  I am doing extra research to avoid the prior debacle.  Warm regards to all - Julien