The Hidden Truth About Skin Bleaching !!!

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  • 1 year ago

Skin bleaching WILL not lighten your skin and is ONLY peeling layers of skin that is irreplaceable IRREPLACEABLE !!!.    Please don't be as stupid as to think such horrible product can bleach your skin. It does quite the opposite.    While your looking for quick a fix don't forget that in 5 to 10 yrs time you will look "20 yr" older then your age because of these invasive hyped product you used. It's your choice; live beautiful for couple of months and live with an ugly damaged face for the rest of your life. Natural is always good, so go for natural products and think about the health of your skin.    From experience nobody cares how light you are, its how CLEAR and SOFT your skin is. If it was about how light you are every white girl out there would be considered hot! but like everyone else there is a lot to beauty then complexion. Heck i'm light dark and everyone stares and even comment how beautiful i am not because of my skin color but the fact i really TOOK CARE of it. We all have the power to be BEAUTIFUL, but it take TIME, hard work and the NATURAl way.     Beauty is health, not complexion, get the fact in your minds and take of that temple we all call our bodies.   

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The hidden truth about skin bleaching is simply provocative and with complete details on skin bleaching. skin care
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This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. This is very nice one and gives in depth information.
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Also....Hydroquinone is a popular lightening agent. I suggest investigating the negative health effects of using this. Luckily it has already been banned in many countries.
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