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  • Megan P
  • 2 years ago

I’m Megan P, the community manager.

I’m here to help you gather information on different treatments you are considering. I am passionate about empowering everyone who visits our community with information so they can make a well informed decision on whether a procedure is right for them or not.

This community is filled with supportive people, so don’t be afraid to reach out & ask questions or leave comments - we are all about talking here!

If you ever have any concerns or need any help let me know. You can click here to send me a direct message.

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Hi Megan! I had Fraxel Repair done 2.5 years ago and the damage I have sustained is profound and life changing and continues unabated. Initially, I noticed a couple of pin prick holes on my face. Months later I began to wonder what was going on with my eyes. I looked like I had been punched and had two black eyes. Prior to fraxel I had a small issue with dark circles but nothing like what it is now. I had virtually no wrinkles under my eyes even when I smiled. Now my eyes look so horrible I can't stand it. They are black, wrinkled and sagging. I believe some of the fat was melted away by the fraxel repair. I look old and haggard. Next I noticed that I was getting more and more micro holes resembling enlarged pores. They now cover my entire face. A year after fraxel I noticed that my face was sagging and that the elastin and collagen had probably been destroyed. 2.5 years out, I have lost nearly all the fat off of my face, the micro-holes are now connecting together and forming lines everywhere especially around my mouth area. I am so devastated by all of this. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to mitigate some of the extensive damage that I am suffering? My face and my life have been destroyed!
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