I'm on the flat side

  • LadyLuck99
  • Des Moines, IA
  • 1 year ago

Hey gals,  Friday was my surgery.  It took six hours.  I don't remember anything except for talking to "Uncle Don", my anesthesiologist.  Then I was awake, and in a lot of pain.  The first night was really rough.  I was up about every two hours needing more pain meds.  So, I called the Dr and they are going to get me a script for somehting stronger, but they haven't yet.  All I'm doing is sleeping, until I wake up in pain again.  I'm so lucky my husband is strong.  He has had to literally lift me into bed.  It's easier for me to relax my whole body and let him move me.  Otherwise the sharp pains are excruciating!  Last night I slept a little longer each time, but not by much.  I really don't know what I'm typing about now.  I'll try to take some pics after my next nap.  I'm still too nervous to the CG off.  I hope everyone else that went in recently is healing well.  This sucks for sure.

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Yay, you're on the other side! Now all you have to do is rest and heal. Please keep keeping us posted. :)

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