Can this be the final result of Invisalign?

  • Isa Al
  • Lebanon, OK
  • 1 year ago

Hey I got my invisalign trays today and also the video and I was amazed that this will my teeth look like. the problem is that the upper teeth are not lined up with the lower teeth so is that possible or there is something wrong with this? I mean usually can some people have not lined up teeth after the braces or Invisalign? a screenshot of my expected teeth after the treatment with Invisalign  ty

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When I got my treatment plan, my dentist pointed out that my midline would not line up at the end. Actually, I had never noticed that "problem" -- my concerns were with tilted and turned teeth. So my treatment will address my concerns, but the final result will not be the orthodontic ideal. But I am okay with that. If having the upper and lower line up exactly is important to you, then you should discuss this with your dentist to find out if it is possible to achieve.
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It does seem that a goal with orthodontia work is often to line up the midline (so the space between your upper front teeth match up with the space between your lower front teeth). Have you discussed this with your dentist/orthodontist? Perhaps there is a tooth size discrepancy that is preventing the midlines from being able to be aligned. Either way, it might be worth having a conversation over so you can either understand the reason or discuss options for changing the treatment plan.

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