Do I Really Need the Feur-de-lis TT or Will I Have Almost the Same Results with a Regular horizontal Hip-to-hip Incision?

  • bluestar
  • Raleigh, NC
  • 2 years ago

  I have an extended abdominoplasty & medial thigh lift scheduled for September 10, 2012.  I’m 28, 185lbs & 5’9''.  I've lost of 140lbs(325-heavest).... I've lost 100 or more twice before and this time the skin just didn't "shrink" back.  I had lap-band, have completely changed my life style and maintained for 2 years. I don’t mind a vertical scar… as long as it is worth the trade off. Input, advice &/or suggestions are welcome. (I don’t have lipo on the list, but thinking about it)  And either way, my wedding is NEXT Aug. and Vertical scar, or not....I'm be ROCKING my TWO piece on the beach with the hubby! 

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Your body looks a bit similar to mine and I just had my surgery last night. There's no vertical scar. I was completely flat below the belly button, with side Ab definition on top but a lot of skin towards the center of upper part with it over BB. Not sure what the advantages of fleur-de-lis is but with you being similar to me...I don't see why a traditional horizontal scar wouldn't work.

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