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Are the extended incisions past the eyelid corner noticeable once healed?

  • livefree
  • Chicago, IL
  • 2 years ago

My doctor said the incisions would extend past the outer corners of the eyes quite a bit. I am terrified of obvious scarring. I dont wear a lot of makeup and do not have deep wrinles to camouflage them either. If you have had extended incisions wil you tell me how they look now? I do not want to go through with this if I am going to be left w noticeable scarring. I know the uppers heal well but Ive never seen them in the crows feet area before, thanks

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Hello, it is very less likely that there be any obvious scarring if the surgery has been done properly. In case of any further concerns do contact us at
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i have exactly the same thing .I am 8 days post op.
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Hi, I had upper and lower bleph 8 months ago. The scars have faded to almost invisible. If I pull my skin taut I can see a white scar line but when the skin is relaxed I'd say they're 95 percent invisible. Regards.
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Hi I am only 5 weeks post lower lid surgery, and have wide recessed grooves under my eyes. My surgeon basically dismisses my concerns. Not his face right. In any light the scars are very visible. Makeup just makes them show more as they are 1/8inch dent about 1 inch under my eye. They look really abnormal. I just read it will really take 6-12 months for them to even begin to heal. None of the surgeons tell you this. No one can promise you that your skin won't scar. Really a waste of time, money and pain.
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