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Who is the Best Doctor to Go to for a Chin Implant ?

  • flyguyaj
  • Woodbridge, VA
  • 2 years ago

Would you recommend going to board certified surgeon who specializes only in the face and focuses only on facial implants? or someone who does all procedures breast implants, liposuction etc? is one better than the other?

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Hi there, I'm scheduled for surgery (rhinoplasty and chin implant) in 2 weeks. Done a lot of research to find a doctor, my criteria were:

* Double board certified
* Specialized in face only
* Academic publications
* Appointments at universities and hospitals
* enough high resolution pictures on website to get a good idea of his work

I didn't particularily pay attention to media coverage, since I quickly noted that most of these are paid advertisements (I even found a NYC doctor who supposedly was chosen as THE best doctor in NYC, only to quickly find out that it was a marketing bureau who made that choice, LOL, I don't want to be operated by someone who does something like that). Oh, you'll also want to google the doctor, read reviews and make sure there are no malpractices. Anyway, that's how I found mine, will post in 2-3 weeks how happy I was with the operation ;)
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Hello, can you tell me who your doctor was and if it went well...many thanks!
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Were you happy with the results and who was your doctor? Thanks
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