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Will the DermaWand help puffy and sagging skin between my eyebrows and eyelids?

  • agingwograce
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • 1 year ago

I am almost 50 yrs and the skin above my eyelids sag so bad that it looks like I have a 'MAD' look on my face.  In addition, I have a deep crease between my eyebrows which adds to the "MEAN" look.  I just purchased the DermaWand and used it only once. (It was delivered yesterday).  The smell was absolutely horrible but I will put up with it if the area between the brows and eyelids respond the way I am hoping.  Does anyone have other suggestions or positive results with consistant use of the DermaWand.h  Thank you!!

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If the "sagging" is as severe as you say, the dermawand will not work. I wouldn't fall for the hype.
Hi I have only used my derma wand for 4 days but have had very good results so far. I do believe it will help the skin area that you are talking about just refer to your instructions on how to treat that area. Good luck hope you get great results!