What can I do to keep the color from fading on my eyeliner?

  • RetroQueen31
  • 2 years ago

What can I do to keep my eyeliner color from fading? I've had my eyeliner done several times and each time, as soon as the scabs heal, my black eyeliner turns to a sky blue. I thought it was due to the blue undertone of the black. Cool colors will turn blue on me, so I had her use a dark brown the last time. As soon as the scabs healed it was back to a light blue-gray. It's been 4 weeks and it's down to a sky blue again. Can someone give me some suggestions on what I can do to get a rich dark brown, or black color? All I want is for it to look like it does when I do my liquid eyeliner. I don't want to have to do my eyes in the morning except for a little mascara for work. For weekends when running around doing errands, I want my eyes to be able to "stand alone" without mascara. I'm not trying to look like I was "born" this way, just want to look like I spent 30 minutes perfectly applying my liquid eyeliner when I roll out of bed in the morning. But each time I get a procedure, it completely fades and it looks like I have nothing on my eyes if I go without putting on mascara or doctoring up the eyeliner. This is completely frustrating! I'm a natural blue-eyed blonde with very fair, pinkie skin if that helps.

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likely to be cheap pigments !!
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better quality pigments, a true rich black. though keep in mind that black is many many shades of dark blue. however it is odd that yours eyeliner fades to a sky blue. pigments do not last as long as they use to due to fda requirement changes. plus also in the early days they use to do the permanent makeup with body tattoo ink which looks sort of severe. good luck, about face by nancy
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