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Who is the Cheapest Tummy Tuck Doc Around Savannah Georgia?

  • justtami2
  • Pooler, Ga.
  • 2 years ago

I am looking for a doctor around Savannah Georgia who will answer my questions. They don't have to be the cheapest doctor but i am not trying to pay more for what i can get for less. I have 3 children and i am fixed now so i am ready for a tummy tuck. I will be able to pay about 5-7 thousand down on the surgery and then make payments if needed. I will be ready to make this payment in January 2012 so i am pressing to find a doctor to do this Tummy tuck for me.

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Here is a link to our RealSelf doctors in Georgia.  Definitely stay away from "Cheap" because you may get what you pay for.  Focus on the doctors reviews, credentials, and how you feel about him/her.  Are you comfortable with them, do they answer your questions, how do the staff in the office treat you and do you leave the consult with a totally comfortable and confident feeling.

And here is another link to What questions should I ask during consultation where you will find some great info from both patients and physicians.