The cause of puffiness under eyes in the morning?

  • Under eye puffiness
  • 9 months ago

I have suffered with puffy eyes in the morning since adolescents. My symptoms have worsened over the last few years and my puffy eyes are now visible all day, every day! I was recently told my thyroid is borderline low, so could this be one of the causes? I was also tested for allergies and my test results showed I have a dust allergy! I am desperate to  resolve this problem and I am now considering surgery! Is it wise to opt for surgery when I am unsure of the cause for my puffy eyes? I must also mention when I take a flight my symptoms are exasperated, and my eyes are usually red and extremely puffy,  I also suffer from swelling in my ankles and legs (during flights)  and have done since my late teens (I am now 35 years old). I would appreciate any suggestions regarding my problem.

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Under eye bags can be due to lack of sleep, old age where the skin loses elasticity and it sags, water retention, allergies, or edema. In any case the only product that gets rid of this is called the Eye Rid, I know because of experience but they sometimes are sold out and have limited supply.