Changes since the cast removal. Now: Tip appears large, and the nose is crooked!

  • Sunshine454
  • London, ON
  • 2 years ago

Hello, I just had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. I never liked my nose, i had a huge hump, it was crooked and big. For the first 2 weeks, my surgeon kept the splint on. I was so anxious to get it off and see the results.When he first removed the splint, I loved my new nose!!!!! It was straight, the hump was gone and the tip was small. I was so happy. However, over the last nose has started changing. The tip has dropped a lot, and I am noticing that it seems to be crooked again to the same side as before. I have been touching my nose and I can feel that even the bones underneath seem bigger. I schedules an appointment with my surgeon, but it won't be until next Thursday. I am so anxious and I keep staring at my nose, as I feel that the tip seems to be dropping more. I don't understand how could my nose change so much in one week after the cast removal. Can someone please tell me if this is normal, will my nose change back to the original form after the cast was removed, or why this is happening. I am looking forward to your answers and hopefully getting some comfort so I can feel a little better. Thanks!!!

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I will definitely take your advice and try to post the same questions to doctors. I am driving myself crazy because even my family said that my nose has changed and the tip has dropped and gotten a lot bigger. It just sucks because I was so happy when I first saw it and now I am just confused. Thanks for your advice though. I am hoping that someone went through the same issue and can tell me that this is only swelling and that my nose will go back as it was when I first saw it
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It is unusual to hear of someone's nose changing so quickly after the cast is removed! It's possible that your nose is swelling more now that the cast has been removed, and will eventually settle back to the results you saw once the cast came off.

You might want to post a question to doctors on RealSelf (with a photo) and see if they can give you some input. 

Posting your story in our review community is also another good way to get some support from community members (the forums are picking up, but the review community is still the best place to lay it all out there and get feedback from others who've gone through something similar).

Hope this helps. Please let us know what your doctor says. You definitely want to feel good about your nose after all of this!

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How do I post a question for the doctors to get their opinion?
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Hi Sunshine,

Go here and enter your question. :0)


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