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Getting used to the 'buttons

  • BrightonSmiles
  • Brighton
  • 1 year ago

I have buttons across all my front teeth so invisalign is not invisible for me. I have a job where I chair meetings and do presentations so I'm feeling very paranoid about my look and sound. Only day 4...does it get easier?

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Day 1 I feel like I have barnacles on my teeth. And they are sore. I have a headache. It will only get better from here.
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Yes, it gets a bit easier. I'm on day 18. I feel like the buttons are huge and noticeable. People say they aren't. The buttons are still annoying when the trays are out. But they don't seem to rub as much. Although I still bite my lip when it gets caught between the button and my upper tooth when I bite down. We just need to keep thinking about the perfect teeth at the end!
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