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The built up of my bridge does not look good on me. Im Asian!

  • jok1979
  • 1 year ago

Hi guys I have your typical Asian nose which is wide, nostrils flare out and low bridge. I went to have an ethnic Rhinoplasty done with one of the best Beverly hills surgeon. Well I'm only 12 days post op and I think I'm not going to like the end result. It was never my idea to lengthen my nose, reshape my nostrils, break my nasal bone, or build up my bridge. This was all my Surgeon's idea and of course I just agreed to it trusting in him.

Well Dr says not to look at nose yet because its swelling. But say after 6 months swelling heavily comes down and I don't like my look I'm going to ask for a revision to remove my diced cartilage wrapped in frasia..hopefully I can do so sooner because I'm afraid since its all natural from my ear and frasia is natural too I can remove them sooner.

Yep I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor office! Anyhow I wanted to post this so that those who are thinking about Rhinoplasty maybe an alternative solution would be non surgical Rhinoplasty because if you don't like it you can have your old nose back and its not too expensive. Mine Rhinoplasty cost me 12250 but if I didn't allow them to post my picture it could have cost 15250.. expensive I know! Think about it non surgical Rhinoplasty cost about 500-750 and they can last a few months. I'm so afraid I'm not going to like my end result. Will keep you guys posted!!

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It's really hard to visualize what you're describing without a photo. I'm sorry you're unhappy at this time, but in less than two weeks post-op, all surgeons would advise you to be patient and wait for the swelling to subside.

Non-surgical nose jobs are a viable option for some, but not if you want a permanent solution.

Thanks for posting to RealSelf and I truly hope you like your results when you are healed.

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I spoke with the office coordinator today and she said it's too early to even say I want to have a revision. I'm going to wait and see if this bridge goes with me. I think my Dr is conservative he didn't move my bone into much or made my nose look too small but maybe the bridge for me is not for Mr. I liked my bridge the way it was but Dr wanted to built on it and lengthen it do hopefully after a year if I don't like it I can have bridge taken off. It shouldn't be too hard given Dr is specialist in revision Rhinoplasty and his revision rate just 5%. But remember mine is diced cartilage wrapped in frasia!!! Thank you for your kind words and I too hope I like end result!!
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