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Do the brown grid marks dissapear?

  • jlund
  • 2 years ago

Hello,   I am two weeks post SmartXide full face treatment. The main reason I had the procedure done was to help with my melasma and hopefully clear acne scarring. I am a 36 yr old who has suffered from mild-med acne since my 20's. My question is concerning the grid marks and when I can expect those to disappear? I am no longer red and feel that in general I've healed from the procedure. But I now have brown patches under my eyes (where the dr was more aggressive) and visible brown grid marks on my cheeks and temples. Will these disappear or are they permanent pigmentation scars? I am somewhat freaking out because I had this procedure to get rid of pigmentation and now when I look at my face it is 100x worse. Any help would be appreciated.