Who is the best breast augmentation revision doctor in the us?

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You know I am really trying to be smart about the choices that I make for my body. I see a lot of girls on here wanting to do the same. I am trying to be proactive about preventing a problem before it turns into something much worse. I have seen on the internet and heard about so many girls getting Breast Aug. and having problems due to the weight/placement. I had my breasts done 7 1/2 years ago and now am looking to exchange them out. I want to replace saline implants with cohesive gel implants. I also want to place an internal mesh bra to support the implants and place them sub facial. I have a slight bottoming out of the right breast but very slight. I do not want it to turn into a major procedure later on in life so I am opting to get all of this done now. The only question now is who is the most qualified doctor for this job? I have been to several consults, email, online doctor advice and it all has my head spinning! I want to feel comfortable with who I choose. I want to know going into the surgery I really have nothing to worry about because I am in excellent hands! From consults I feel a lot of them were more interested in putting down the other doctors I saw rather then telling me the facts of the surgery. If I am going to pay up to 10,000 I want to know I am getting everything I am paying for and maybe more. I want someone who is an artist and looks at me as a canvas of possibilities. Not a surgeon who sees me as a check or easy money. Does anyone have any advice for me and pictures to show off their gorgeous breast surgery?

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I was wondering if you ever found a great surgeon? I have had previous breast aug surgeries and I have a ruptured implant. I am looking for the same type of surgery with the strattis for internal support due to capsilar contraction. I have went to 5 different consults and did a phone interview with an out if town surgeon. I too want to make sure that this will be my last surgery for a long time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You might want to filter through the breast augmentation reviews. There are some very nice results there. Many, many board certified doctors are extremely talented and could do an awesome job revising your breasts.

Please consider posting your story in RealSelf's Breast Aug Revision community. It's a great way to get support and comments. It will also allow you to update your story and add photos if you wish.