Has anyone tried the Beauty Ion Pro Deluxe, The Ultimate Galvanic Skin Toning Machine for Face Lift, Tummy Tuck and More?

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  • 1 year ago

I am very tempted to buy this machine.....just wondering if anyone here has any experience of the results.? It is pricey ,but if it works,its still far cheaper than surgery,and without the worry or disappointment of maybe unsuccessful invasive surgery.?

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I just received my very expensive beauty ion pro and I don't think it works right. The digital read out only registers O until the dial is almost all the way around and the it suddenly registers 23 - 24 and gives me a jolt. I'm kind of afraid of the thing. I tried emailing the trouble shooting address , but can't seem to get through. While the concept sounds great I think its might be what my mother would classify as one of those too good to be true situations.

I'm glad you are looking into the product before deciding to buy it, as it seems more often than not such products don't deliver all they promise. It will be interesting to hear if someone has tried it and what they thought.

Yes Megan.....i hope someone here knows something about this machine before i spend out around £500.....but if it does what it claims it should be worth it.