What Are Some of the Things You're Looking Forward to After Your BBL?

  • ivfmama
  • Mid Atlantic
  • 1 year ago

Thinking of things that I have never been able to do that I should be able to do after my BBL:

  • Wear a belt with my shirt tucked in pants/skirt - Having a thick waist I always have to wear my shirts untucked. And of course having no ass means my pants come down easily. So my belt is always under my shirt.   What are some of yours?

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This seems so superficial but I have to agree with you all. Wearing a shirt tucked in, wearing a tight fitting dress finally and it would be nice for a man to finally tell me I look good from behind. Having a flat butt if you are are not drop dead gorgeous especially in the black community is HARD
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You hit it right on the head being able to wear a belt with my shirt tucked in and being able to wear a tight fitting dress. That would really make me feel confident..
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Hi there,

This is an awesome idea for a forum post. Focusing on the positives and what you'll have to look forward to!

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