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What is the best advice you could give me about face cleaning/treating, wrinkle preventative, moisturizers, the right products?

  • Destini Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 1 year ago

Hello, I am a 22 year old Caucasian/ white female ,and very fair skinned. I am wanting to start my skin off right. When it comes to aging what is the best thing to do to prevent wrinkles and keep healthy skin (body and face) as I age. To be honest I am almost afraid to try anything because I hear so much about products I should or shouldn't use. I have even heard that some products will CAUSE wrinkles. I really have never had an "acne" problem real bad, but I have plenty of black heads on my nose, chin, and, for some weird reason, near the corner of my lips on that very soft-sensitive skin. My concern, on this subject,  is sometimes when a blackhead goes through its ridding process, it leaves a ugly large pore behind. I recently had this happen right on the very tip of my nose. The pore is huge and very ugly. Of course it still sorta has a scab over it, but I saw the damaged pore immediately. Any advise, tips, conversation ~whatever~will be very much appreciated. I am open to any comments. I am needing some guidance.Thanks everyone.