Texas and Indiana Breast Implant Revision help

  • Charlenex3
  • 5 years ago

I met 3 women in Costa Rica who all had implants and are now suffering greatly due to the holes in their bodies which don't heal. One is on a machine of sorts to stop infection. Neither of these women have a lot of money left at this point since they've spent what they were able to on their Costa Rica trips. Can you suggest any doctors who may take them on please? One is in Texas, the other in Indiana. I'm considering trying to get them some help through medical doctors on TV as a last resort. They of course are being absolutely soaked by the doctors they're seeing in their home towns.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

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Well, I found a great doctor in The Woodlands, Texas. Dr. Thomas Shannon. He is the one who has had to operate on me twice after another doctor scarred and infected me! Dr. Shannon first only had to create a two inch incision to remove my 625 silicone implant once it started to extrude. The previous doctor told me he was going to make the same 2 inch incision, but instead I have a four inch incision in my breast crease! Secondly, Dr. Shannon recognized the severity of my infection from a foreign body aka nylon stitches. Little did he know, and was he surprised when he found a large mass inside my breast that was nylon stitches and tissue wrapped up in a ball around an abcess! I could have died! But Dr. Shannon has been seeing me since September and it has cost me very little out of pocket so far.
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