Need Texas Doctor, Who Can Deliver Dominican Results and Price!

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  • 1 year ago

i live in texas, i cant find a doc in tx who does work similar to yilys results and prices! they would be rich in the u.s!!! help willing to pay around $5,000.

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Dr. Pelayo in Hialeah, FL does work for $3700 -$4300 (lower in doesn't include meds or garment). He works at Vanidades Cosmetic Surgery. He supposedly trained Dr. Salama, As he worked at the same place before going on to Elite. Hope this helps. BTW he does wonderful work!
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I saw reviews on 2 doctors in Florida around the 5,000 price range .
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I doubt you can find a bbl in the us for less than 6 k ... look into azurin. He looks good and affordabl
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Hey there,

It's very difficult to find a US surgeon who works at the same prices as Dominican surgeons. You may want to use our doctor finder feature. Just choose the city and then BBL and it will bring up a list of board certified surgeons, in that region.

Hope this helps!

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