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Terrified about removal of fat necrosis after TT

  • Busybee in Baltimore
  • 1 year ago

Did anyone have a fat necrosis after their TT?  How did you get rid of the fat necrosis? I am six months out.  I have done massage several times a day on the area with limited results and also had ultrasound on the area with limited results.  Have seen two PS's on this (the one who did the surgery) and the PS I used for my BR.  The operating PS said she'd take it out at six months (excision) but didn't seem too enthusiastic about it.  The other PS I used for my BR seemed equally daunted by it.  He said it would be "more involved" than removing the dog ear he's going to do for me and asked me to wait another six months and try to massage it out. I am massaging a bit, but I don't have much hope for that.  Several questions:  1) Was anyone able to massage it out?  What kind of massage do you use?  How often?  2) If you had to have it excised (cut out) by the PS did that impact your contour (cause an odd dent/dimpling in the skin) or did it look fine?  When did you have the excision done?  I am quite uncomfortable with the fat necrosis where it is (near my pubic region) but I'm terrified about excision causing a huge and noticeable contour problem in my who-ha area.  Initially there was a bit of a contour problem there because of the necrosis.  I was able to massage most of that out. There is a little separation (dent) but it's not noticeable.