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Terrible smell in nose 4 weeks post Rhinoplasty/Tiplasty

  • YoginiMomof2
  • Northeast Ohio
  • 1 year ago

Hello, I had Rhinoplasty/Tiplasty 4 weeks ago and have an awful smell in my left side of my nose.  I had no packing, open Rhinoplasty and Tiplasty and have been using a saline rinse 2-3x a day and neosporin since my splint was removed 1 week post surgery.  I saw that some people posted about this, did you ever find out what that smell was?  I am going to try to get in to see my surgeon on 12/27, but I am really scared that something may have been left behind (like part of a sponge, gauze,....).  Please help.  Thanks!