Can Teosyal be removed?

  • Sarah
  • 6 years ago

hi, i have recently had Teosyal a new swiss filler, similar to restylane made of same substance. i had it under my eye on the bone, and i am not satsfied with the result my skin looks unpleasant. Is it possible to remove it? and if so will it leave my skin worse or just the same as before the procedure? thanks

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Iv been using teosyal for on and off for 3 years in the cheek, submalar area, marionette lines, nasal folds, etc. The first 2 times using it I had good results but I swear the filler has changed since 2010..the ultra deep nor global seem to fill the targeted area just create bumps and pits that seem to cave in and create even worse ridges and indentations. Doesn't seem to expand or soften anymore and leaves the treated area more hollow than it originally was. As someone previously stated, teosyal is a nightmare!!
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i had teosyal filler in my cheeks 7 months a go and now my face is verry swoulen and lampe i can't even go out my face is deformed i don't know what to do can eny one help
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Hi Sarah, i also have a big problem with the Teosyal Kiss filler. I have the procedure done yesterday afternoon. It was the my frist time having a procedure like this, and i should have listed to my insticts not to go ahead because now i look really silly, my top lip is significatly bigger than the bottom. i have a lump/ball in one side of my lip which is very visable when i smile! The whole this is a big disaster!
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I am having the exact same problem with my top lip. I am now worried as anyone who I have heard to use Teosyal now says it dosnt really disolve. I believe the doctor over filled one side of my lip and injected the area incorectly. My lip had numbness for 2 weeks and now to touch feels lumpy. On the site of injection I have little pimple like bumps. To look at there is a slight but obvious difference in size and shape on each side of my lip. I have had different fillers in different areas on my face and in my own opinion I think Teosyal is a thicker filler and dosnt soften into the skin as well as restyline or perlane. I have been getting cosmetic injections for some years now and I think on this instance it was both a mix of a bad doctor and cheap product! :(
If you rub the lump it helps disperse it. That will help on the lip but under eyes, I had Derma roller to help get rid of it, or rather break it down. This is such a difficult area to treat so only go to the best!

Good info Beavan, 

The community asks all sorts of questions about lumps and how to make it them go away. 



Hi just wondering how things went with your lips?I had Teosyal Kiss done almost two months ago and it has been a total disaster. Exactly the way you have described it .It never look alright but the last three days has swallow up even worse just like the first days after the procedure and I don't know what to do.Please share your experience.Thanks
You can make it disapear! Go and see your doctor. There is a product which can be injected which distroys the teosyal.
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What is the name of the product that could destroy the teosyal. My doctor doesn't know and I'm very unhappy with it. I have very puffy eyes for 2 mounts now, look much worst than before. Very sad:(((
i have receive my first injection 18 month ago combine whit botox im 46 year and im am very happy whit the result i dont look ten years younger but i always look fresh my big problem was dark circle under my eyes and now whit this filler is gone
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Hello mariechantal, I am 46 years old and for some extrage reason in a couple of months I got a skull looking face so I had a teosyal injection under my eyes very close to the bone on april 4 2013, and I was extremely happy with the results I looked so much better than I was 30, but something very strange happen after two months and a half the product started to fade so fast after three months I have nothing to the right side of my face, the left side looks ok but the skull looks is on my right side again. You said your first injection last 18 months and still happy with that, can you or some one gime me a suggestion about what happened to me ? I will really appreciate.
Sarah - this is our first time hearing about Teosyal, so we added it to our listing of cosmetic procedures. We'd love you to describe your Teosyal experience by writing a Teosyal filler review. Note that other hyaluronic acid discussions on have included ways to dissolve hyaluronic acid. Start out with this Juvederm review and discussion
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I had the same problem. ive got teosyal under my left eye and it made the skin look awful, ive had it in for 10 months now and am dying for it to dissapear. i wen t to find out about dissolving it with that substance they use but was told becouse i had it in over 2 months it would be risky and could mke it worse by forming lumps. they told me to wait for it to go naturally. but i know what your going through, its sickening!

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Hi ,i had Teosyal injected to my top lip and line side of my nose also my chin. only yesterdaY. I'm quite badly bruised at present and can see a good result.It really hurt as the nurse never put any cream on to ease the discomfort. Also i had Laser treatment on my checks to remove the veins, Under my eyes i have hugh blisters i'm hope this will disappear.