Temperature control

  • Aitchcov
  • 3 years ago

Strange question. I am day 5 after the BR and doing well, I think.  Not due to see PS til Thursday (today is Monday)  but am being driven mad by hot then cold flushes.  Not sure if this is normal?  I have taken my temperature and it is fairly low at 36 - 37 , though I know my natural temperature is low in any case. The second part to the wuestion is the use of TED stockings,  2 weeks of 24 hour a day?  Did everyone else have the same? Cheers H

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I wonder if it has something to do with all the meds, surgical trauma etc?  Just keep an eye on your temp and if something is not feeling right or you are running a fever call the doctor. 

I never had to wear the TED stockings but each doc is different.  How long did he tell you to wear them?