Telling ppl from work... Your thoughts?

  • Wend in Oz
  • Australia
  • 1 year ago

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So at work, I have only told 2 people. I work in a small team of 5, I have told my co-worker (female) whom I have grown close with so Im fine to tell her, my direct boss (female) whom I have also grown close with and feel fine to tell both of them. Now I also have another boss who is male and I havent told him anything yet, and quite frankly Im a bit embarressed to! Im hoping he wont ask me what I have planned for my leave! LOL -,-
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I have told two people from work about the surgery i am going to have but nobody else. I figure its not really their business (except for HR) and when i return to work obviously smaller, i will just see if anybody notices the change.
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