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Teeth Whitening - what is the best way? Comparing cost, effectiveness, hassle, sensitivity/downsides ...

  • WantWhiterTeeth
  • Bellevue, WA
  • 10 months ago

I want to whiten my teeth, but I would rather do it at home and save money - UNLESS spending the big bucks at the dentist is worth it, for some reason - for example, maybe less risk of gum or tooth sensitivity, more effective, or to get significant whitening at home is hours and hours of hassle for not much result. For teeth that are yellow but not stained (no smoking, coffee, wine, etc) do you have experience with home whitening? Did it whiten significantly? Cause problems? Was it ineffective, or not effective enough, so that you ended up doing it at the Dentist anyway?   I would love to hear what people's experiences are.

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I have been using the teeth whitening from for the last few weeks and the results are incredible and quick compared to an in office procedure which charges 5x the price. I would suggest trying it out! (There is also a coupon for 25% OFF on the bottom of the page) Good Luck!
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I'd say Power Swab's home teeth whitening products - . Minimum fuss, no problems with sensitivity after use and you see results within minutes. Give it a shot! :)
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Hi there,

I use White for Life, or at least that's what my dentist calls it. For $70 I got custom made trays and I get a new syringe of gel at every six-month visit. Crest strips were pretty effective, though I think this is at least 50% better. Definitely worth the money.

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That sounds like a good system. Thanks for taking the time to tell me :) - What area are you in? (as in - likelihood of similar pricing where I am...) Also - do you feel like your teeth are as white as you want them? And does it cause sensitivity? How often are you doing it? And for how long? Thanks again for the information.
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