Teens and Plastic Surgery: Is it Safe?

  • David Sire
  • Fullerton, California
  • 1 year ago

It's almost a given that teens will be unhappy with the way they look. It's the age of being self-conscious and feeling peer pressure to look a certain way.Cosmetic procedures might seem like a "quick fix" to become more popular. Or teens may see a parent getting a face lift, or their favorite Hollywood star with collagen-enhanced lips. Sometimes, the parent is the one who is unhappy with how the teen looks. The parent may even drive the child's decision to have surgery. Other parents may "treat" their teenagers to surgery as a birthday or graduation gift. Is it really safe?

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I have gone through many forum threads where i found the reverse. Parents are worried about the risks associated with plastic surgery and they refuse their child to have it. Many are running behind ways for how to convince their parents! Recently, my cousin's sister (20 YO) had a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Toronto, Dr. Ronald Levine and she went with her friend, though her parents refused. Unfortunately, the surgeon postponed the surgery since she had other health issues and she was under medications.
For teens those who are urged by their parents, it may be ill-advised, prominent plastic surgeons tell WebMD. The key is making sure that the teen is emotionally and physically mature enough to undergo the chosen procedure.