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Would you let your teen get Botox?

  • BrittB
  • Seattle
  • 3 years ago

More than 200,000 teens had some sort of plastic surgery last year, with 12,000 of those being Botox injections. Would you let your teen get plastic surgery or Botox? New breast and nose jobs seem to be popular graduations gifts. What do you think?

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Botox off the streets???????? My goodness, what a calamity. The pressure on today's youth is insane, but sorry to write this, but I blame the parents and the woman in England who loves to be 'Barbie' needs to find a 'Ken' to inject and leave her kid alone!
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A women in England known as the "Human Barbie," due to her 100 plastic surgeries, injected 16 year old daughter with Botox. Saying she would rather her daughter come to her than get Botox off the streets.

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'Um, NO!!! It's crazy the way kids are having surgery and getting procedures done when they are still growing.
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I know I was shocked too!

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Dr. Phil did a whole show on teens and plastic surgery.

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