#TEAMYILY Scheduled for June 12th, 2013, Looking for travel buddy!

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Hello everybody!! Im blessed to have found RS & MMH & all you ladies! Im a sexy wife & mother of 3 children ages 6, 2 &1, who wants her sexy body back!! Ill post my pics & stats later. But Im 31, 5'6", and Im 195lbs. Yily only said to lose 5lbs beforehand, but Im aiming for 10 & I just want to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately I have to travel alone so if anyone out there is going around June 12th let me know please! Im definitely nervous to go alone. Anyway, Im going to enjoy sharing my journey with you all and thanks for sharing all of yours!!

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Sent you a personal message. :-)

Hi there, welcome!

I've placed a link below to all of the reviews for Dr. De Los Santos. It may be beneficial for you to take a look through them and see if there's someone going around the same time as yourself. Leave a comment or even PM some people and I'm sure they'll be happy to speak with you!

Dr. De Los Santos Reviews

Hope this helps!