Team Salama, please help

  • DANY219
  • illinois
  • 1 year ago

Hello, I was so exited on having this procedure but I just find out that I'm pregnant. Is going to take me more them a year to have anything done so I don't want to lose my deposit money. Please if any one want my date let me know ASAP. DR. SALAMA IS BOOK UNTIL NOVEMBER SO THIS IS A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO HAVE THIS PROCEDURE DONE SOON. 03/28/2013 Thanks girls.

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I would like to have your date. I have not booked with the doctor as of yet but he is my doctor of choice. Please let me know ASAP
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Congratulations on your pregnancy :) Hope everything turns out great, my surgery date is for July 12, 2013 and I’ve been looking to switch to an earlier date.
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Hello, do you already switch your date.
Hi no I have not switch my date yet I have been looking for an earlier date but no luck so far, mines for July 12, 2013 with Dr. Moises Salama and been looking on switching with someone in March or april. If you are still interest let me know. Thanks :)
I have an April date but was really trying to sell it no longer Hv n the surgery n hate to loose my $.,,
How much do you want for your date.b