TCA peel for ice pick scars worked for me. Yay! = )

  • saturnrising
  • 7 months ago

I wanted to write something for everyone else who suffers from pitted skin. Ew and yuck! I can sympathize with anyone who has the worst of skin.First of all I am older now so I don't have the acne flare ups that gave me this dreaded plight. But over the years I did learn a few good tricks. So let's start with those.First you should shower at night and wash your pillow cases and towels every week and bedding every month at least.Now most of you will not agree with many of these methods, but when desperate most of you will try anything. Takes a Vet to really know.So to treat acne first. Rinse face with water. Then using the triple cotton balls, soak one in 70% rubbing alcohol (iso) and wipe your face, neck and back down pre shower. Do your shower ritual, but it is critical to have a back scrubber to make sure you wash your back and face. Just have body wash to apply scrubber to wash your back and face. The bristles become soft after awhile of using it. This is pretty much comparable to microdermabrasion for me. It is as good as those exfoliating gloves which you could use for your face. Very cool, but back brush is a two for one. Plus It really helps against those gnarly cysts that tend to happen on the back and neck. Finalize shower using apricot scrub. This stuff is the secret ingredient. It contains 2% salicylic acid which is a basic acid peel plus exfoliating beads. After your dry, soak a triple cotton ball in some witch hazel apply and let the stuff dry. Use a lotion with B5. This stuff is amazing! Don' be afraid to over moisturize your skin after shower. Supplements of B5 and L carnitine are the best supplements to take for acne along with water and carrot juice (4 carrots, 2 apples) and a multi vitamin. Before bed use a retinol cream on top of your B5 lotion. Oh! and one last thing make sure to keep tea tree oil for your flare zits. In the morning just rinse with water or use a sulfer soap. Do not use lotion during the day on your face unless its sunscreen. Rinse your face with water throughout the day when you feel yucky.Swab your flare ups as they bother you with 70% rubbing alcohol then dab them with tea tree oil after the iso dries. Repeat this every time you freak on em! Oh and blackheads need a remover tool and must be swabbed with iso prior to removing. Try to save the picking pre shower. Blackheads give you the pits.Now that you have your acne under control we can get down to business.I am no doctor and what I am saying is working for me but might mess the rest of you up. Experience and knowledge is power to add to the pot. Now this is for the ugly ones like me who have serious problems with pitted skin. The rest of you beautiful people, you may never really know the psychological torture. Anyways to a more peaceful place. So I tried TCA a few times along with glycolic which I like too! I tried the 100% TCA cross with toothpicks, which doing at home is no good. It made it worse and the downtime is tough. TCA downtime is tough. So I tried 18% TCA on my worst spot. Peeled etc. Looked good for a few days after it was done peeling and revealed no difference after healing = (  So out of desperation and nothing to lose I made a concoction of 9 droppers of 18% and 1 dropper 100% to make a 28% TCA.I picked my worst area the one that depressed me the most. The one that any other scar would be better than that one. The one area I had nothing to lose. With this stronger mixture I swabbed with a q tip until the skin frosted purest white. I figured if I was going to have down time it better be worth it. The area was the size of a quarter anyways. It's a lot easier to manage when its smaller. I can't afford the downtime and people seem to assume you just injured yourself and you don't get quite the freaky looks with larger areas. Still the burns are not to bad to look at like "what happened?"So as I swabbed the area with a q tip, I just kept applying in desperation. Never had I used such a strong solution. Never had I seen such a pure white frost. The kicker was that the scars would not frost. So out of desperation I just kept applying the the TCA on the scars until the scars and holes turned white as snow. Like I said I was desperate. The whole spot was a pure white spot. Took a lot for the holes and scars to frost.So 2 weeks later after browning and scabbing. The scar tissue scabs. Do not pick etc.. Well I could not believe my eyes. I can safely say that worked a miracle for me. I need another round on that area because the solution was still not strong enough I assume. You would rather not have to do it twice. Twice the down time = (So I made a stronger solution 35%+ and did a really bad area that had cysts that hardened 20 yrs old ew = ( Swabbed 70% iso let dry then applied the stronger solution. My cysts screamed in bloody murder pain and swelled up. I was seriously concerned. It took a few days, but was so bad that people were like whoa! what happened? My cysts turned to scabs after a few days. I am still experimenting and was just letting the scab dry out to flake off. But the scab was so bad I had to soften the scab with neosporin, which did the trick. It is a must to soften the scabs with neo. Remember to soften the browning and or scabs with neo day and night.Now after 2 weeks I have a flat pink spot. I am a little concerned about it being permanently pink. But I am treating it with retinol at night and sunscreen in the morning. But I think I would rather have this beautiful flat pink spot then those gross yucky hard cysts and pits that were like 20 yrs old. ew! but now yay! Will have to update. Still have a few more spots to treat but I am way more confident about people not checking out my pitted spots when conversing etc..I may be permanently scarred for now. But the pink area is so much nicer to look at then my lumpy yuck! All I know is TCA cross is probably for doctors. It just made it worse. For me picking a small area at a time and frosting it pure white did the trick twice so far. I would suggest a 30% from make up artist choice. I am waiting to see if my pink heals. Its been about a week since my scab came off. It looks great besides the pink color which is really not too bad = ) But time heals all wounds. I am waiting to see if it lightens and blends. If so I am on the road to recovery and will work in some pictures to help those in need.Oh BTW! The treatments were performed at night before shower. Feel free to scoop a tablespoon of baking soda and add a bit of water to make a paste to apply after the TCA peel to alkaline the acid afterwards to neutralize. I didn't, but have. Also do not use back scrubber, apricot scrub or acne treatment plan on face during peeling. Plan 2 weeks down time. 3 days to brown and then a week to peel. Scabs take longer. But after my super peel, 2 weeks scabs fell off. Different parts of the face have different skin texture. Forehead compared to chin and cheek are different. I recommend small patches at a time over time. That is my plan for now, unless you are doing a full face peel retreat and getting away from it all for a month with a legit doctor $$$.Also if you plan glycolic peels. Swab face with 70% iso, rinse with water and dry. Then generously apply 50% glycolic acid to triple cotton ball and swab face before a shower no more then once a week. Make sure to moisturize with lotion every night before bed. This does nothing for scars but sure makes your face look nice. Oh! and check out the pumpkin peels from make up artist choice. That is bomb!These are only my personal recommends and are not approved.