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First TCA peel, a bit worried

  • tkranec
  • 1 year ago

Just did my first TCA peel after having only done Glycolic acid peels prior to this. I used it on stretch marks on my hips, and diluted a 50% solution to around 30-35% I frosted within 1-2 minutes, and left it on for another 2-3 minutes after. But even with the short time applied, the skin was as red as a lobster after I did it, and slightly painful to the touch, I would compare it to bad sunburn. I did not have any discomfort during the application, so the post peel is kind of worrying me. I did this yesterday afternoon, and now the following morning it is not as red, more reddish purple, still comparable to sunburn. I am wondering if this redness is normal for TCA peels, or if I left the peel on for too long. Also, what should I be applying to the areas treated post peel? so far I have done a combination of aquaphor and a moisturizer.   Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.