Could tattoo removal work on my full sleeve?

  • Charisse96
  • 1 year ago

For years I've been unhappy with my tattoo sleeve, I've tried different coverups, tried to force myself to fall in love with it again but the older I get the more I hate my tattoos. It's really getting me down, I have a chest piece and some others spread across my body. I honestly am at the point where I wish I was completely tattoo free. I have decided to look into tattoo removal but as I have a full sleeve I'm worried that this won't work for me. I don't know my alternatives, I just know having tattoos I don't feel proud of is shaping everything for me, I won't wear certain things, I feel so self conscious when people see my tattoos. Any advice would be much appreciated!! My tattoos are outlined in black but mostly colour, pinks, reds and blues