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Tattoo removal options for a Mid-back tattoo

  • Carlos Madrid
  • Madrid, Spain
  • 2 years ago

Hi, i would like to know if its possible to completely remove such a big tattoo like this. I have planned a laser treatment with an specialist but i want realistic opinions about this. Thank you.

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I am on my 2nd treatment of a large (6X12) multi color tattoo on my back between my shoulders - I have documented it on this site. If yours is all black, and lots of shading, you will have good results based on what I have researched, and I have spent hours and called and spoken with tons of experts. It will take a long time, expect 2-3 years and the pain is tolerable, if you hate it, get rid of it no matter what the cost. I pay arox $166 per treatment, but would normally be $300 - i pay less cuz i got a package deal I commited to, hope I did the right thing, but I feel I did. Best of luck to you.

Yes you should be able to!  You just need to find a good and affordable laser person.  :/

Check out my review for details- good luck!


Its good you are trying to set realistic expectations for yourself before  beginning treatment. Here is some info that might help:

Tattoo Removal What to Expect when Finished?

What Can I Expect For Tattoo Removal of a Name in Black Size 8cm X 2cm on Upper Arm?

If you decide to try removal please post a review so we can hear how it goes and if you think its worth it or not.