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Tattoo Removal by Laser Technician or Physician?

  • byetattoo
  • 5 months ago

Hi all,What do you guys think about the benefits of going to a laser technician or physician for tattoo removal? Laser technicians aren't doctors, obviously, but at a clinic they only deal with tattoo removal so have a lot of experience. The prices are also about half. On the other hand, doctors are doctors and this is a medical procedure. Anyone have any personal advice or insight to share? Thanks!

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Hey there, this is a good question. I was treated at a clinic where the doctor was there but only the nurses did the treatment. I feel that if the person has the appropriate training and experience and knowledge you should be in safe hands. Research is key, check out how long the clinic has been in operation and check reviews, ask to see other patients results - do you homework. There are some very reputable tattoo studios that offer removal and specialize in fading tattoos or removing fully - and they tend to be cheaper but always remembering to never put money before safety. 
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