Tarsal strips, SOOF lift and fillers, scar reduction and canthoplasty

  • Julie C.
  • Mt
  • 4 years ago

I presented this question several weeks ago and was told an informed answer required a photo. How can one know which doctors have most experience in these procedures when consultations must be made in another city? None of the doctors with whom I've thus far consulted had photos of previous patients- siting privacy laws. Patient reviews on RealSelf are quite discouraging. I am utterly perplexed as to how to continue. Many thanks.

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It can be difficult to determine a doctor's experience. Some very experienced surgeons don't do any revision surgery etc. I practice in New Jersey and almost no one agrees to have their photos placed on the internet or even for other patients to see. When I trained in Denver and Cincinnati patients were much more open to having others view their photos. I have been in private practice for a year and I will tell you that just because someone has done a lot of surgery does not mean they do a good job. First off, Your question is not clear. Did you have surgery before? Is this a proposed surgery?
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