Has anyone done any tanning after TT

  • BABS26
  • sugarland, TX
  • 2 years ago

I'm just worried about my BB not my scare would like to try the tanning beds.

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My PS has me packing my BB with gauze for 4 weeks, so mine is covered. He said that as you heal, your BB will want to close into a longer looking hole, instead of a circle. He said it was a natural way your body heals, so by packing the BB with gauze, the BB will stay round as it heals. Just cover your BB and Incision and you will be fine.
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I'm wearing my bikini bottom to cover the big scar, but the belly button scar has been exposed and I've noticed no darkening of the scar. Hope that helps! :)
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I've been tanning the past week & I have been wearing my cg while in the bed. I know that's not providing 100% of protection, but so far bb scar has not changed colors & actually is nearing the point of not being able to see line!!
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