What are the best self tanners?

  • Cindi
  • 6 years ago

Can't stand the scent of my neutrogena self tanner. Others like the mousse seem to last less time. So what is the best self tanner on the market?

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Aloe vera is the best product for tanning. Apply aloe vera gel on the affected are and massage for 2-3 minutes and leave for 15 minutes, than rinse off.
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For faces, I recommend choosing a clear hypo-allergenic self tanner made specifically for faces that is good for your skin, doesn’t clog your pores, smells good, and delivers a natural looking tan. You also want to select something lightweight enough to use several times a week, as exfoliating ingredients in facial cleansers make face tans wear off more quickly than the rest of the body. I recommend Aqua Tan Self Tanning Spray Treatment for Faces. The fine mist applicator delivers a natural looking tan as the self tanning treatment is evenly misted on the face, neck and décolletage so there is no line between the face and neck. It smells fresh and doesn’t give off that offensive self tanning odor. It is 100% natural loaded with skin rejuvenating and nourishing ingredients like Awapuhi, Avocado, Papaya, Cucumber and Aloe Vera Extracts. Protecting your skin from free radicals found in the environment is just as important. The powerful antioxidants Green Tea Extract and Vitamins A,C and E found in this formula helps your skin fight the free radicals and keeps you skin looking young. For bodies, I recommend selecting a self tanner that is good for your skin, glides on easily, smells clean, doesn’t come off on your clothing, does not clog pores, and delivers a natural-looking tan. I recommend Aqua Tan Self Tanning Body Milk. This natural self tanner is paraben & salicylate free. This clean and refreshing self tanner is enriched with a cocktail of the finest ingredients. White Tea, Cucumber and Green Tea Extracts, it is extremely light weight, smells fresh and delivers a gorgeous tan without bronzers. Shea butter, kukui nut oil, avocado oil , cocoa butter, vitamin E, and vitamin B5 indulge your skin with nourishment and leave your skin soft and supple.
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Under home applications, you will find an array of different types of self tanners, among them; creams, lotions, mousses, sprays and aerosols. These are ideal if one is on a tight budget and doesn’t require full, perfect coverage. For example, if you expect to expose only your legs, arms and face and you aren't necessarily concerned with your back, then self-application of these products will do the job. Of these, my personal favorites are the mousses, which tend to be less greasy, are easy to spread and dry fairly quickly. When self-applying these products, the two most important things to watch out for are the hands and the feet. If the hands are washed immediately afterwards, there will be minimal risk of over- saturation in the palm area, which is what causes that undesirable orange palm appearance. Careful application from ankle to foot is necessary, if you do not wish your feet to look like you stepped in a puddle of orange dye.
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