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Tan coloring starting on a few teeth

  • Jafa
  • 11 months ago

I am a little over half way through the Invisalign and have been pleased.  However,  I have noticed that a few teeth on my upper right side have become very discolored.  It is the same teeth that have the attachment composite material welded on.  The attachments are on all four quadrants of my teeth but this area seems to be the only problem area.  When the dentist put the composite material on in this quadrant,  it was immediately a brown color while the rest seemed my tooth color.  I wondered why the composite wasn't the same color.  Is this etching/discoloration of the enamel caused by the acid solution they put on to make the composites stick?  Is this the composite material smoothed out over the tooth that has turned brown?  Can this be ground off when they grind off the composites?  Are these teeth dying?  Will I have to get veneers to fix this?