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  • vyxen696
  • 2 years ago

What is the best way to explain to my 7 year old daughter why I'm getting breast implants? I've been told that I'm selfish, I'm sending the wrong message to her & other kids in the family. It's hard to try & teach kids to accept themselves for who they are and then I go ahead & get this done. This has been a big issue in my family, so, I'm torn. I really want them, have been to 3 PS & have a consult with a 4th in May. I'm so ready for this, but don't want to confuse them..thanks!

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Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.
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I am so sorry to hear about the lack of support from your family, but I'm so excited for YOU! Keep us posted...September isn't too far away!
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Well, I told my daughter and explained to her what I was going to do and why. She's ok with it..for now! It's just the rest of my family that is against it. I'll be getting it done regardless of how they feel. It's my body and I'm not happy with it the way it is, so I'll be doing something about it.
I was going to have it done this month, however, since I still live with the family, I'll be getting it done in September. I wish I could just do it & hide it so I can enjoy at least some of the summer with my new girls!
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Do what is best for you, mentally and emotionally. It is your body. I chose not to tell my kids or family, only one my sister. She had a BA 5 years ago and told no one in our family. She only told me a few months ago because of the strain I was going through deciding to do it or not, with an extremely unsupportive and hostile husband. . Listen to your gut. If you must tell your kids, i like the above ideas. Be good to yourself.
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My breasts have some stretch marks from pregnancy, but they have some ptosis. I just don't like how they look, the size. I've lost a little weight becuase I've changed my diet & I exercise regularly. I'm already thin to begin with, so everything is a little more noticeable on me.
So, if I thought that talking to my daughter was hard, mom is totally against it, told me I'd be foolish, I'm stupid, there is nothing wrong with me and how I look. I'm going to get big fake boobs and look like my cousins little whores.
So, no support there..I tried to explain to her how I felt about my breasts and she doens't want to hear it. Oh well...I'm still going to see the 4th and final Dr May 9th!!
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That's a great question! If you're getting implants because of what pregnancy did to your breasts, you could call it reconstructive, or just "surgery to help mommy feel better" or "feel more womanly".

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