Let's Talk About Bra Size

  • OneTallLady
  • Wisconsin
  • 1 year ago

To channel my inner Oprah, I'd like to bring up the topic of properly fitting bras. This is relevant to both women who are awaiting breast reduction surgery and women who have already had it. Wearing the correct bra size can decrease the amount of pain caused by heavy breasts because it takes pressure off the shoulders and distributes it around the torso where it should be. It also makes you look ten times better in clothing. Most women do not wear the correct bra size; they are typically wearing too big of a band size and too small of a cup size. Common signs of this are bra bands that ride up in the back and are not parallel to the ground and the dreaded "quad boob" from overflowing cups. Most women believe they have a band size between 32-38 and a cup size from A-DDD, because that's what big retailers like Victoria's Secret carry. If you go to get measured there, they’ll jam you into a 38DDD rather than turn you away because they don’t carry your actual size in stock. As an example, I'm 6'1" and overweight, yet my true band size is a 34. A women who is normal height and normal weight is probably closer to a 32, 30, or even a 28 band.   As a challenge to all of you, I suggest that you take five or ten minutes out of your day today to measure yourself to find out your true size. My favorite guide for doing so is this one: http://bustyresources.wikia.com/wiki/How-to_determine_bra_size   I think a lot of you will be shocked by the results. I know I certainly was.   For pre-op patients I would also especially recommend reading the section about “scooping and swooping” to get migrated breast tissue back where it belongs: in the breast. Practicing this can help to alleviate side boob fat for those who aren’t getting liposuction done during their operation.   I hope this helps you! If it does, tell your friends to measure themselves. The more women that know their true size, the more demand it creates for “non-mainstream” sizes. If you'd like to, feel free to post the size you thought you were and the size you came up with from measuring.