Tailbone pain!! Anyone have this? 4 days PO

  • LadyNomadica
  • Dubai
  • 2 years ago

I had a TT on Jan. 18th and after spending 2 nights in the hospital, returned home to sleep in my recliner, except today I woke up with the absolute worst tailbone pain!! Am I normal? Has this happened to anyone? I'm sitting on a hot water bottle now, hoping it will calm down a bit.

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Thanks Liz! Really helpful information will be mindful of the numbing aspect, hadn't thought about it that way.
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Tummy tuck surgery puts a toll on your back the first few weeks. Your belly is so sore and swollen that any area of your back can hurt, and sometimes quite badly. Take it easy and you are doing the right thing. Heating pad is good,just don't put in ony any numb spots as you can't feel if you are burning yourself. Take it easy and know that it is normal. The position you have to lay in hurts that area and so does the swelling of the belly. I hope this helps to make you feel better. Take care!:-)
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