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Are these symptoms normal after taking botox for migraines?

  • Amyl95
  • 2 years ago

 I have been suffering from tension-type/migraines for 21 years.  I have taken every type of migraine medication available and am still getting no daily relief.  I finally asked my headache doctor about botox treatment; he agreed that this would be the next step to take.  I just got my first injection on Tuesday...did not feel good at all right after the shots....pressure in my forehead but the pain went away within an hour.  The next day I was headachy all day but not the "normal" awful feeling I get across the forehead (good sign).  Yesterday I was headache-free (this never happens..I was so excited).  Today I feel like a truck ran over me....tired all day leg muscles a bit tight.  Had to take some headache medicine to ease the pain but it has already wore off.  I'm a little worried reading all these posts on how you can continue to have bad botox headaches after the injection. This really scares me.

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It seems Botox, like any other medication, works well for some but not for others when it comes to headaches. You can click here to see information on RealSelf that has to do with Botox and headaches.

I hope the symptoms wear off quickly for your and that you have many more headache free days ahead!!

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