Non-symmetrical eyes

  • sohamsp14
  • Boston
  • 4 years ago

My eyes are greatly asymmetrical. As you can see, my right eye is much higher than my left eye. Could this be corrected? Is there a problem or disease I should be worried about? I also have sunken eyes. Can this be corrected as well? Could you also please tell me what all treatments(surgical or non surgical) I should get if I have to correct both things? Thnx PS: it looks as if I am turning my head in the picture but I am not.

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Im a little confuse about blepharoplasty since the procedure involves removal of excess tissue how can that achieve repositioning of the eyes? Also how is eyelide sugery any different? Thanks
If it were not for my uneven eyes, I'd be a very attractive woman. The unevenness of my eyes causes me to be self-conscious. I am determined to resolve this problem with my appearance. In the past, I have had eyelid surgery. The problem is with the left eye. The doctor chose to do a blepharoplasty to correct the unevenness. I am not satisfied with the results. Next time, I'll only have the eyelide surgery on the left eye. Any advice?
I know it will probably not matter to you or help, but think your eyes are really attractive! I do see one is slighty lower than the other, but to me it does not detract. Your eyes are deep set, but I don't think they look "sunken."
Is anyone going to reply with some advice? I have the same issue to.
I just had eyelid surgery i week ago and i am a little nervous. My R eye looks exactley the same and the L eye look distorted and they don't look the same at all. Please tell me this is going to change in the next week or two. Is this normal?