If You're Looking to Switch Your Surgery Date, Please Post Details Here

  • 1 year ago

There are lots of community members who need to switch dates for one reason or another. I thought it would be a great idea to keep all of that information in one place, to make it easy for you all to find and discuss.
If you need to switch then please post:
  • Your current date
  • The doctor you're going with
  • What time frame you're looking to switch to
The only rules we have is that you don't offer, or request, payment for the date switch and you don't share personal details such as an email address or telephone number. HAPPY SWITCHING!

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I am scheduled for Jan 12, 2014 for Dr. Fisher and would like a mid December date.
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Correction: I would like mid November or Mid December
I'm scheduled Oct.22 2014 with duran. I know it's late but I'm looking for a date next year.
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I have a 10/28 date with Dr. Fisher. I would love to switch with someone who has Mid to Late December 2014.
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Greetings!! I have a Feb 2 2015 with Salama for a bbl. Problem is my Birthday is Feb11 and I don't want to be in recovery for my bday. If anyone has a later date in February or in March and would like to switch, please contact me.
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Hi ladies. I'm currently booked with yily on March 16 2015. But I really want to move it closer to end of January Anyone have suggestions?
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Does anyone have November with Dr. Fisher that would like 12/04?
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I am scheduled with Dr. Fisher @ Vanity, FL for December 4th. Does anyone has end of October or Middle of November that would like to change it for 12/04?
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My surgery is scheduled Monday October 20, with Dr. Ortega.
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Hi, I am booked w/Dr. Fisher for 12/04/14. I can consider 10/28 if you are willing to change for 12/04. Let me know...
Sorry, 12/4 doesn't work for me! good luck!
ok, I was able to change my date for 11/13 for BBL with Dr. Hasan. Good luck to you too!
Hi I am scheduled for Jan 12 and looking for a December date... Please let me know if you would consider switching
Is there anyone who has November and would prefer my dec 12?
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I have 10/28 and would like dec 12th!!
I just gave it up this morning for nov. 17th, sorry....would have loved to hear from you sooner.
Hey ladies anyone have a date with Salama or Miendata for Oct, Nov or Dec and wanna move it to a later date in 2015?
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My Surgery date is on the 28th of October and honestly I'm getting nervous by the day. Are any of you ladies having your surgery around this date and would also want to hang out, shop etc during this time. I will be traveling down to miami alone (I would have a nurse for a week but still) and i think it would help with the healing process to have us females going through the same thing around ourselves.
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My surgery is 10/28 with Dr. Fisher. Who is your surgeon?
Looking to grab a Duran date End of Oct or beginning of November.
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I have nov 3. What is your date?
Hi ladies I have a date for March 18th 2015 with dr salama if anyone has a sooner date like in November, December, or January please inbox me. Thanks!
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Hi I have Feb 2 with Salama..If that's not too late with you I would love to switch for your March 18??
Hello Ladies. I'm lookin for a date in November or December. I currently have January 15. Goin to Salama for lipo of arms and thighs. Please inbox me or reply here. Thanks
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