Can I Switch to Metal Braces After Having Invisalign for Only a Week? Has Anyone Done It?

  • ejamis
  • 4 months ago

I have had Invisalign for about a week. The pain of my teeth shifting does not bother me, but the constant pulling out the aligners puts me in agony. So I just leave them in and not eat.So I wanted to know if anyone has had Invisalign and switched to traditional metal braces? If so how much cost was incurred when switching treatment plans?

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I did the opposite; I had metal/ceramic braces removed (a pretty horrible process) and switched to Invisalign. My provider charged me $700. I've had Invisalign for a year. I strongly, strongly encourage you to stick it out a bit longer. You need to learn and develop the muscle memory for removing aligners, but once you do, it's extremely easy. It's been three months though, so I assume you've made a decision by now!
I am on my 13th set of 16 and I am getting tired of taking them out and rinsing/brushing after every meal and snacks are pretty much impossible; however, 32 weeks vs. 100 plus is worth it. I don't know why you would want to change over.