• beicapelli
  • Australia
  • 2 years ago

I am 3 days po for ,y tt and I realize it is very early days as far as swelling goes, but I was wondering for those of you that have had your tt how long was it before you looked at your tummy and thought yep I love it I mean when did the swelling dissapear and it looked normal

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Hi!! i'm 4 months post op and thought I was done with swelling BUT I guess I was wrong!! :( by the end of the day I get a bit swollen also it all depends on what I eat, like the other girls I'm flatter in the morning and weight less and by night and a bit not so flat and weight maybe 2 lbs more,results as per my PS will be complete until at least 6 months or more....
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See what some of the doctors have to say about Swelling.

But personally I can tell you that mine lasted 7 months.  It did improve each month but did hang around for a while.  Be patient:)

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